The Sun is Also a Star Review

The Sun is Also a Star is written by Nicola Yoon. Nicola Yoon is known for her first contemporary novel Everything Everything, which has become a movie and will be released May 19, 2017. I have read Everything Everything and I have loved it. If you have not read that book I highly recommend it as well as recommending The Sun is Also a Star. Nicola Yoon’s writing is different from other contemporary novels. She writes from multiple perspectives and they all play a role in this book.


A brief synopsis. Natasha is an illegal Jamaican immigrant in the United States brought to the US by her father’s dreams. Daniel is Korean American raised in the United States. The two could not be more different, Natasha believes in the facts and that nothing is left up to fate or destiny you yourself makes your own path. Daniel is a dreamer he sticks to the rules though and does what he’s supposed to. When these two worlds collide they change each other for the better. They have one day together, one day before Natasha is sent back to Jamaica, one day for Daniel to convince Natasha that they have a connection, and one day for Natasha to convince the lawyers and judge she deserves to stay in America.

My thoughts and feelings. I loved this book so much. It was a slower start and I couldn’t see where this story was going but once I did I flew through the story. This book has so much detail and background on the characters and the plot and the plot is real and emotional. You think about what fate is, what destiny is, and what you truly believe is real and what you believe happens. I had all of the feelings and all kinds of thoughts and I can’t even put into words all of my thoughts on this book. I would give The Sun is Also a Star 5/5 stars.

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